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      Draining Cage


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      Draining Cage


       Product Description

      Drainage Board is molded by PP with high strength, the compressive strength is extremely high and does not distort or burst. Covering the board with non-woven fabrics gains higher water permeability and tonnage. Construction is simple and fast with security.Its specification is 40*40cm. A drainage cage can be fixed by four pieces of boards and two braces, used in water drainage under earth, wall drainage and other large area draining water.




      Material: HDPE, PP

      Specification: Drainage Board 40*40cm; Drainage Cage 40*40*46cm

      Color: Black, orange

      Water percolation aperture: 18mm

      Open porosity level: ≤60%


      Product Use


      Transportation work: river diversion and drainage on roadbed and surface of highway and railway; Draining in dyke and flow backwards layer.

      Social Project:ground water and surface water drainage in roadbed, tunnel underground and waste landfill site

      Building engineering:river diversion and drainage in building foundation, basement, roof, and lagging.

      Virescence use:used in Garage roof Virescence, roof garden, court and bathhouse, etc


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