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    3. Welcome to Weifang City Huateng Plastics Co., Ltd. !
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          Weifang City Huateng Plastics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is a professional manufacturer of Geocell, products based on various countries and regions in China, the world and other exports. Geocell specifications GB, American Standard, also can supply all kinds of different specifications according to customer demand Geocell. Existing sheet production line 2, welding production line 3: Height 50MM ~ 250MM, welding from 330MM ~ 800MM, solder peeling strength: 1000N / 10CM, 1200N / 10CM, 1400N / 10CM: smooth, grain surface; punching and not punching, can be produced, colleagues and the community are welcome to visit the guidance. Weifang City Huateng Plastics Co., Ltd. also manufactures other plastic products, grass Paver, drainage board, drainage cages.

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